Batik Art

A Unique World of Custom Textile Art 

Our batik art is hand crafted in Indonesia. These unique masterpieces are individually hand crafted so no two are every alike. This form of art dates back more than 2000 years, stemming from the ancient middle east where scrolls of silk and cotton canvases were sold from merchant to merchant, covering walls and becoming part of the clothing of those ancient peoples. 

Indonesian Batik 

Batik art is created on cloth. Magnificent colors are applied to the fabric using a hand-drawn wax technique that prevents color from spreading to areas where the artist wishes to remain untouched. To create the Batik, the cloth is stretched on a table or across a frame and is often worked on by a collection of people. 

The collaborative element of traditional batik art is one of the reasons why each piece is so unique. One person cannot perfectly replicate their work over and over again, as can be completed through computer programs or a fine eye on a traditional canvas. Batik is different. When you purchase a Batik cloth, you can know that you are the only person in the world to own that individual piece. 

Where does it go? 

You can put Batik art just about anywhere. The cloth can be stretched across a traditional canvas or poster board to create a unique “painting” on the wall to accent your home or office. The cloth can also be sewn into clothing or quilts, taking the place of a traditional piece of fabric. 

As a handmade and unique art piece, batik deserves a place where it can be seen and admired. It is not a standard bit of fabric that was created through large machines. Instead, batik is personal. With every piece of batik art you can see the intention and will of the artist who spent their time and effort creating something beautiful for you to be inspired by wherever you find a home for it.