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Best Place to Buy Indian Tapestries & Spreads

At Full Moon Loom you will find a wide array of unique textile products for home d├ęcor and more. Our unique and hard to find designs come from many different regions and cultures in India who's stories and lives have been written amongst the weave.

Our Tapestries and Spreads are our best selling product offering versatility and affordable creativity in home decorating. They have been enjoyed by many cultures around the world for many centuries and remain ever popular today.

        We have the largest selection of Indian tapestries and spreads in the USA.

Over 700 styles and colors to choose from!

In About our Tapestries we will give you a clear understanding of what an Indian Tapestry is, how they are made and the history of tradition behind them. It is our wish that you will discover and take with you a far greater appreciation for the art of India's beautiful handcrafted textiles.

You will love the unique quality they add to your home decor.

Full Moon Loom offers much more beyond tapestries and spreads: Gorgeous handcrafted table linens, curtains - door panels and duvet covers are just some of the choices. Many of which are still made in the ancient traditions of textile art. These inspired items are a serendipity of designs and color, and meet the individual decorating needs of both men and women, young and old.

Our light items include, decorative cushion covers, totes - duffel bags, many which make wonderful eco shopping bags for the conservative. Scarves and sarongs that speak for themselves in a timeless fashion. Our unisex clothing is made for comfort and set apart from today's traditional clothing offering the unique quality that will turn heads. Not only will you look great but you will feel great too.

At Full Moon Loom we have something for everyone.

Come inside and explore the extraordinary serendipity of design and color.

We hope to inspire your imagination and creativity~:-)

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