Traditional Paisley Scarf 100% Silk 42 x 42 Blue

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BEAUTIFUL SILK PAISLEY SCARF ~ Traditional paisley scarf made of 100% silk and measures approximately 42 X 42 inches. Silk should be dry cleaned. Paisley can be traced back to the Indo-European cultures more than 2000 years ago. The paisley pattern was originally represented in Celtic art but later died out under the influence of the Roman Empire. Paisley was quickly adopted in India and the motif continued to flourish in many forms of art. The motif was eventually re-designed to conform to European taste. The impact was so dramatic and became so popular that paisley became renowned worldwide and has remained fashionable for centuries. Your wardrobe is not complete unless you have some paisley!

We have a lovely selection of Paisley silks to choose from in an array of colors.