Reversible Shawl Patola Weave 20 x 70 Green

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PATOLA SHAWL - HUGE reversible shawl or stole in lovely shades of green measuring 20 inches wide by 70 inches long with 2 inch fringe on each end. The weave in this shawl is Patola and is one of the most complex textile weaving techniques in the world. The warp as well as weft threads are coupled and dyed into a complicated pattern. While weaving the craftsperson has to ensure that the warp and weft threads intersect perfectly to produce the preset pattern. Only 5-6 inches a day can be woven to achieve a smooth and identical finish on both sides of the fabric. Made of 100% viscose/rayon. Viscose rayon has almost a silk like aesthetic with excellent drape and feel. It has many properties similar to that of cotton or linen and other natural fibers. Many people do not realize that rayon was the first manufactured fiber. It is a natural fiber made from wood pulp. It is moisture absorbent, breathable, comfortable to wear and easily dyed in vivid colors. It does not build up static electricity, nor will it pill. A nice rich feel and so soft against the skin.

Luxurious fashion accessory for you, a must have!