Mandala Dashiki Shirt Unisex Boho Hippie 3XL Red Oran.

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MANDALA DASHIKI TOP ~ Gorgeous Mandala Dashiki top made of 100% cotton. Both men and woman love these Dashiki's for their uniqueness, comfort and easy wash and wear care. They are colorfast and can be machine washed (separately the first time) and tumble dried. A gorgeous blend of colors on bright red orange.

Size fits XL-3XL and measures.....

Shoulders - 28 inches across

Chest/Bust - up to 56 inches

Hips - up to 58 inches

Length - 33 inches

Sleeve length - 10 inches, width 12 inches

Two front pockets - 7 inches deep by 6 inches wide

The word Dashiki originated in Nigeria. In Nigeria the Dashiki was worn for comfort in the hot climate. In America, it was worn to send a message. That was the situation when the Dashiki was imported into the English language in America in the late 1960s. The Dashiki rebelled against the fashions of the day: brightly colored instead of drab, loose instead of tight. It could be worn defiantly on occasions that normally would call for formal wear. The Dashiki was introduced as a way to protest society's disrespect for African Americans. It was a symbol of affirmation, standing for "black is beautiful," a return to African roots, and insistence on full rights in American society. The 1960s were the hippie era too, and whites in the counterculture sometimes adopted the Dashiki for its rebellious symbolism as well as its anti-mainstream fashion statement. The militancy of the 1960s has faded, but the Dashiki has not. It has become an ingredient of American fashion, a colorful, comfortable garment for all occasions.

You will love the unique quality and comfort~!