Handcrafted Felt Handbag 15" x 12" Zipper Enclosure Green

Full Moon Loom

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FELT HANDBAG ~ You will literally turn heads with this gorgeous handcrafted felt handbag. Each bag is individually handcrafted so no two will ever be exactly alike. PLEASE NOTE: Photo is representative of product, there may be slight variations. The felt itself is surprisingly thick and durable. This gorgeous handbag measures 15 inches wide by 12 inches tall and has double round rolled 14 inch heavy shoulder straps. There is a zipper enclosure and the inside is cotton linen lined. Felt is made from wool which has microscopic scales along the length of it's fibers. With the use of moisture, heat and soap the wool fibers are rubbed together to progressively interlock creating a wonderful fabric that can be shaped into two and three dimensional designs. Felt is the oldest form of fabric known to mankind. It predates weaving and knitting and can be dated back to 600AD. We guarantee you will be absolutely delighted with your new handcrafted felt handbag that is made using the same techniques they used centuries ago.