Celtic Circle Tab Top Curtain Drape Panel Cotton 44" x 88" Purple

Full Moon Loom

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GORGEOUS CELTIC TAB TOP PANEL~ Beautiful Celtic tab top curtain/door panel. Made of 100% power-loomed quality cotton offering a nice tight weave. Panel measures approximately 44 inches wide X 88 inches tall including the tabs. They can be machine washed on cool/gentle and tumble dried. All panels are sold individually. Duplicates are available. Some of our panels have matching tapestries.

Celtic circle depicting man and bird. It was believed that the annual travels of the birds took them to other worldly realms. In this light birds were often seen as couriers for the gods and as messengers for departed ancestors. These go-betweens carried news from the world of mortal men into the land of spirits. Re-emerging with divine advice and ancient wisdom. They are wonderful for doorways and creative window treatments.

You will love the mystical quality they add to your home decor!