Beaded Batik Sarong Wrap Skirt Beachwear Aqua/Gray

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BEADED BATIK SARONG ~ Also known as Pareo. Measuring approximately 70 X 44 inches. Beautifully beaded all along the bottom length. Made of 100% Rayon. A light weight material that will dazzle with your every movement. They are color fast and should be hand washed. Batik is an age old method developed by the Indonesians. The word batik means "wax writing". The process involves brushing on melted paraffin or beeswax so it penetrates specific portions of the fabric. The waxed fabric is then dipped into or painted with wet dyes. The waxed areas repel the dyes, creating the desired designs. Each time a new dye color is introduced on the fabric, portions of that color are waxed and held until the desired color scheme is achieved. All wax is removed by ironing the fabric between paper or steaming; the heat of the iron melts the wax which is absorbed into the paper. No two are every exactly alike. Every wardrobe should have a few sarongs to choose from. The versatility in fashion accessorizing are endless!

Be creative and use your imagination ~;-)